New SOS Unit Dedicated to Stop Voter Fraud

As an Alabamian, I am very grateful to Secretary of State Beth Chapman. If you see voter fraud anywhere, please report it. We cannot afford to have elections stolen. Every legitimate vote should count!

“Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.”

-Joseph Stalin, Communist tyrant and mass murderer

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The 2011 Line Item Budget That Didn’t Exist

Back in early September, several of the citizens of Prattville requested the line item budget from the City’s Finance Director. We were told that the budget that appeared on the City of Prattville’s website, which was a lump sum budget, was the only one that they had.

The citizens knew that was impossible because each department had to submit a budget with the line items that detailed their department’s needs and why they were needed. Those department budget’s are compiled into one report, along with the debt service information, to create a line item budget with detail.

About a week ago, I finally received the budget which I had originally been told did not exist. No wonder the powers that be did not want the citizens to see the line item budget.

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Audit Management Letter Identifies Deficient Areas

The Prattville City Attorney, David McDowell, is on record telling a citizen of Prattville that part of the city audit for which the citizens paid with their tax dollars “should be protected as a work product”. Then another citizen filed a FOIA request to which the City has not yet responded.

Well, I “opine” that since the citizens of Prattville paid for it, the citizens should get to see it. So here it is.

Areas of mismanagement and irresponsibility are identified. Some of the problems include writing checks with no invoices, no credit card policy for those city employees and officials that have them, employees using department money to cash checks, no real accounting of grant disbursements within departments, etc.

It’s worse than I ever dreamed.